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Perfect Solutions Inc. Electronic Component Solution

Electronic Component Solution
Perfect Solutions Inc. provides a large range of Electronic Component solutions as well as products. Our Solutions are consist of range of electronic components, Kit of components, Sub Assembly, SKD, CKD, Designing of new products. Following are our range of Electronic Components:
LCD: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is widely used in Electronic Industry for various display applications. It consumes very little power and having long life. LCD is available in different types like Alpha Numeric, Seven segment type and Customised type.

LED :LED (Light Emitting Diode) is widely used in Electronic Industry for various applications for Indication, display, Lighting etc. Now days LED has become the most efficient source of Lighting. LED are available in Diffused, Transparent 3mm, 5mm, 8 mm, 10 mm in different shapes like Round, square, Helmet shape, SMD, PLCC etc.
The colours can be Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and White. We also offer High Bright LEDs for signalling, Lighting and Display application. We have special High Power LEDs from 0.5W to 30W. As well as we have full range of Infra Red LED.
Capacitors: We have various types of capacitors like; Electrolytic, Ceramic, Plastic Film, Tantalum, Gold, Super Capacitor etc.
Shunt Resistor:
Shunt Resistors are used for current measurement in any Electrical Appliances. We provide high quality Magnum material shunt as per customer design. We also offer Primary wire assembly.
We deal in various types of relays as well as equivalents of all reputed makes, our range includes; Telecom Relay, PCB Relay, SMD Relay, Power Relay, Auto Relays and Latching Relays.
We have large range of Batteries like Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, Lithium-Thionyle Chloride, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer and customised Battery packs.
We offer Stepper Motor Counters, Impulse Counter and LCD Counters for Energy, Water and Gas Metering Applications.
All Frequency components are covered under our range of products like Crystals, Oscillator, Filters, Resonators etc.
We have LED Displays in Seven Segments, Dot Matrix, Arrow, Sign tye etc.
Connectors and Assembly:
We offer complete range of Connectors like Euro, Edge, PMC/RMC, Round/Rectangular. Also we can offer Connector Wire Assembly as per Customer Design.
Safety Devices:
We have complete range of Safety products like MOV, Fuse (Glass, Ceramic), Auto Fuse, NTC, PTC etc.
We offer Piezo Electric, Ceramic, Electro Magnetic, Buzzers and Hooters.
We offer MFR/CFR, Wire Wound, Fusible, MOR, High Watt Range of Resistors.
Bare PCB:
We Offer all kind of Bare PCB for large qty orders in Single layer to 14 Layers.
Semiconductor Devices:
We offer Diodes, Transistors, ICs, Micro Controllers and ASICs.
Inductors & Transformers:
We can provide all kinds of SMPS, Toroidal Transformers for CT/PT Applications and inductors for frequency applications.
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