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Energy Metering Solution
  • Design & Development Support
  • Component Sourcing & Distribution
  • Kitting & Logistic Support
  • Manufacturing & Tooling Support.

    Design & Development Support:
    Since Technology is evolving and new designs are being developed, tested and implemented in Industry. Our associated group of designer keep on working on the new changes developments. Hence offer Reliable, Realistic and Economical Design of energy meters & Instrumentation. Our Associated designers have vast experience into energy meter segment and they have worked into esteemed Laboratory and companies of India.

    Component Sourcing & Distribution:

    With overseas office in Shanghai, we are in best position to provide high quality components at best price in Industry.

    Kitting & Logistic Support:
    Today’s competitive environment, every cost has impact on the final costing of product. Therefore PSI offer all products in Kit form, so that overall costing can be saved by customer. If quantity is large then we offer kit from our Shanghai office and if quantity is small then we offer kit from our Delhi office.
    Have a try on our Kit Solution, you will surely benefit.
    All products in Kit form impact costing in various ways, like less POs, Less follow-ups, Chances of delay in production minimised, saving in financial costs.
    We also offer Logistic support from China to handle large consignments from far away factories, by ensuring the specified quality and quantity of product. So that customer should be safe while importing from China. Our staff in Shanghai will ensure the specified quality and quantity of consignment.

    Manufacturing & Tooling Support:
    Our associated companies in China and India are specialised into manufacturing Complete PCB as per customer design, with large capacity. They can produce large quantity within shortest time. They have modern manufacturing facility with latest machines.
    Tooling of new product and development of new products like LCD, Shunt, PCB can be done at cheapest cost.
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