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Perfect Solutions Inc. Battery Back-up Solution

Battery Back-up Solution
Perfect Solutions Inc. is working in various kinds of Battery Solutions. We can offer different kinds of Batteries, Batteries packs as per customer requirement.

Lithium Ion and Lithium Manganese Di-Oxide Batteries:
Lithium Batteries
has advantage of its low shelf discharge characteristics. These batteries are used in those applications where long life is required in a circuit, which can not be opened frequently.

These Batteries are available in the shape of Coin (Button), Cylindrical, Prismatic etc.

Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery: These type of Batteries has high Energy Density (upto 700Wh/Kg), High and Stable Operating Voltage, Wide Operating current range, Wide Operating Temperature range (upto 150 Deg C), Long Shelf life and Service Life, Ultimate Safety with UL and UN Recognised, Green Energy.

These batteries can be used in following Applications:
  • Energy Meter, AMR Utility Meters, Gas Meter, Water Meter, Heat Meter etc.
  • Memory Back-up: CMOS memory backup, RTC backup etc.
  • Wireless Alarm Sensors: Smoke Alarm system, Temperature Monitor etc.
  • Remote Monitor System: GPS, Sea buoys, Cargo-Locating system etc.
  • Automotive Electronics: Automotive security systems, TPMS, ETC, etc.
  • Military Electronics: Radio Communication, Night Vision Equipment, Tracking and Positioning systems etc.

    Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd Battery: These type of Batteries are very popular all over world for several applications like; Toys, Communication systems, Automotive Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Electric Bikes, Lighting etc.

    Lithium and Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd Battery Packs: We Can offer all kinds of Battery packs as per customer designs.
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