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Perfect Solutions Inc. Lighting Solution

Lighting Solution
Perfect Solutions Inc. is having vast experience into Lighting Solutions. We have been working from the incandescent lamp (Yellow Lamp) to the LED Lighting. We have designing team, who keep on working continuously for making new products in Lighting;

CFL: Compact Fluorescent Lamp has four parts; Glass Burner, PCB, Plastic casing and Aluminium Holder. Perfect Solutions has tie up with Shin Kwang, Korea for marketing their CFL range of products in India. We offer CKD, SKD, complete CFL as per custom brand printing. As well as we can offer individual parts like populated PCB, PCB components like Transistors, Resistors, capacitors etc.

LED Lighting: LED lighting is the future of Lighting. These are most Energy Saving Lighting System. LED has very long life as compared to other type of Lighting. LED Lighting is used in modern Offices, Apartments, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Traffic Signals, Stadiums and many more areas. Some of the LED Lightings are as under:

We offer all kinds of LEDs like Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/White in 3 mm/5 mm/8 mm and 10 mm. We can offer high quality Multi Chip LED for high Brightness Lighting Purpose in round, square and Straw Head Shape. We also offer High Power LED, IR LED and SMD LED.
You can send your all LED requirements to us.
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